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Anglican Church of Australia - Ministry Unit of Innisfail/Tully

This Ministry Unit is part of The Anglican Church of Australia which is a community of Christians scattered across Australia. Anglican Christianity was shaped in England from the third century and spread to Australia with the European settlers in the eighteenth century. 
Our ambition is to serve Christ faithfully in the circumstances of our daily lives.  We invite you to join us on this journey.
We hold the christian faith as received from apostolic times and the scriptures of Old and New Testament as our ultimate rule and standard of life.  We are committed to obeying the commands of Christ, teaching his doctrine, administering the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion and maintaining an ordered minsitry of bishops, priests and deacons.
The Church is organised into 23 dioceses grouped into 5 provinces or regions. As well as dioceses and parishes there are many different organisations in areas such as education, health, mission, social welfare and communications which are part of the Anglican Church. Many dioceses, parishes and organisations have their own web sites. You can access national organisations and dioceses directly from this site while other more local organisations and parish churches can be accessed via the diocesan sites.
The Anglican Church of Australia is part of the Anglican Communion, an international community of Anglicans in over 160 countries.
Diocese of North Queensland
The Diocese of North Queensland covers the area from south of Sarina (22° parallel) to the islands of the Torres Strait and westwards to Mount Isa.  There are 54 parishes in the Diocese, supported by 120 licensed clergy as at February 2015.
The See City is Townsville, which has a population of approximately 200,000 people.  The Diocese of North Queensland is truly a decentralised Diocese, with secondary population centres approximately 375 kilometres north and south of Townsville.  These centres are Cairns and Mackay, which are themselves, centres for industry, government services and are major transport hubs.  The fourth city of the Diocese is Mount Isa (850 kilometres west of Townsville).
Bishop Bill Ray
Confirmation day
November 8th 2015
Paul Beasley