Pastoral Visits - Home and Hospital


If someone is confined to their home and unable to attend worship or fellowship at St. Alban's / St. John's, one of our pastoral team (Lay Ministers and Clergy) can make a pastoral visit in their home. This can also include Holy Communion and/or Anointing of the Sick. To arrange a pastoral visit at home, contact the priest on: 0427 327756 or


Our priest will visit Innisfail or Tully hospitals and offer Holy Communion and Anointing of the Sick to anyone who wishes to experience God's healing in this difficult time. Please contact the parish priest if you would like a visit at the hospital: 0427 327 756 or


For certain treatments, operations and emergencies, patients from the Cassowary Coast region may be transported to Cairns Hospital where a wider range of specialist medical staff and equipment is available. For parishioners and those seeking the pastoral care and spiritual support of their faith community, Cairns Hospital is beyond the immediate reach of our parish pastoral care and ministry team.

For these situations, our parish supports the ministry of Cairns-based Anglican priest, Rev'd Deborah Kachel who ministers at Cairns Hospital as Anglican Chaplain. Rev'd Deborah can be contacted on: 0418 476 532.

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