Our Parish Council is a group of representatives from across our parish region who discuss various matters in mission, ministry, operations and finance. The Parish Council is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Diocesan Canon 2 regulates the role and scope of responsibility for all parish officer-bearers. The role of the Parish Council is to offer advice from the perspective of parishioners to the Rector and Churchwardens on matters affecting mission, ministry, operations and finance. Prior to an AGM, the Parish Council will consider and endorse a new ministry plan and budget for the parish, both of which are taken to the AGM for ratification. The Rector together with the Churchwardens then make decisions through the year in accordance with the ministry plan and budget. They would ordinarily seek the advice of Parish Council for variations to the endorsed ministry plan or budget.

For Parish Council Members:

Parish Council Members can access relevant documents by clicking on the button below. This is a password-protected space.

Anglican Parish of Innisfail-Tully

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