A Christian funeral is more than a farewell or a celebration of life. Those elements certainly are an important part of any funeral service; but a Christian funeral service also includes a fundamental message of hope in eternal life with God, who is the source of all life. Therefore, A Christian funeral service will also include selected Scripture passages that convey God's message of love and eternal life, as well as prayer - for both the loved one who has died and for those who mourn.

When planning a funeral, we work with families so that the service reflects the uniqueness of their loved one but is also a proper and dignified Christian funeral. Services can be conducted at our church, at a chapel or the graveside. We use the Anglican A Prayer Book for Australia for our Funeral services. 

In the event you need to plan a funeral for a loved one, you can contact the parish priest any time either by phone 0427 327756 or by email:

It is also essential that you contact your local funeral directors. Please first check the priest's availability before locking in a date for a funeral with your funeral director.

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